Image: Izakaya Den


Izakaya Den

114 Russell St
Melbourne, 3000
Victoria, Australia

(03) 9654 2977

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Izakaya Den is iconic in Melbourne for it's Japanese Izakaya style cuisine. It is tucked away in a basement in the CBD, seeming like you're miles away in a secret bunker.

They boast an extensive range of specialty Japanese Shochu, Sake, beer, Umeshu and whisky.
With a modern take on Japanese food, it brings some of the best dishes in Melbourne such as their spicy tuna tataki, sweet cork kaki-age or Den fried chicken.
It's a place for connecting with your friends and fam through their share-style menu and delicious cocktails.

Please be patient as venues pivot to new rules and regulations as instructed by the Government.

Image: Izakaya Den

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