Image: Kirk's Wine Bar


Kirk's Wine Bar

46 Hardware Ln
Melbourne, 3000
Victoria, Australia

(03) 9600 4550

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Ian Curley opened up this loveable space with co-owners Con Christopoulos and Joshua Brisbane.
The bar is sophisticated with a new age buzz, neatly placed on the edge of Melbourne’s coolest lanes.

The space is homely, service is impeccable and a warm buzz hums in the atmosphere. Their wine collection comes from all over the world and there is plenty of cheese to be paired and burst the flavours together.

They are open from breakfast to dinner and a shop also sits in the front for your favourite take aways and cold pressed juices.
Snag yourself a table with a couple of friends or you might even be lucky enough to be seated in the cellar.

Please be patient as venues pivot to new rules and regulations as instructed by the Government.

Image: Kirk's Wine Bar

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