Image: La Tortilleria


La Tortilleria

72 Stubbs St
Kensington, 3031
Victoria, Australia

1300 556 084

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Heard of that Mexican place in Kensington that's almost always booked out?
That's La Tortilleria. With a desire to share authentic Mexican cuisine, Mexican born owner Gerardo, along with his Australian wife have done just that.

Once upon a time, longing for the tortillas they loved so much from the villages of Mexico - baked from freshly ground corn kernels - the duo decided to recreate the millennia old ‘nixtamal’ craft here in Australia, using all local ingredients.

Outside, La Tortilleria looks just like Mexico - with it's bright blue and red coloured facade. Pop inside for authentic tacos, chilaquiles, ceviche and quesadilla's. Both vegan and vego options are available.

Please be patient as venues pivot to new rules and regulations as instructed by the Government.

Image: La Tortilleria

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