Image: Piggery Cafe


Piggery Cafe

1 Sherbrooke Rd
Sherbrooke, 3789
Victoria, Australia

(03) 9691 3858

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Getting to the idyllic eatery, you can burn your food off before you arrive by climbing the 1000 steps of Kokoda memorial walk.

Once you have reached your destination you are surrounded by beautiful gardens where you can spot an emu or alpaca and go for a scenic walk. You will feel submerged into country life, an escape from the city life.

Amongst taking in the fresh air, head to the eatery for brunch or a grilled meat platter for lunch. If it’s a sunny day make the most of it and have a summery afternoon tea.

Please be patient as venues pivot to new rules and regulations as instructed by the Government.

Image: Piggery Cafe

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