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Gingerboy Thai Red Curry Paste

Gingerboy Thai Red Curry Paste | Gingerboy


Gingerboy Thai Red Curry Paste

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Gingerboy Thai Red Curry Paste, best served simply with steamed fragrant jasmine rice or cooked Poultry, Fish and Vegetables.


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How to use

100g Gingerboy’ s Thai red curry paste
440ml coconut milk
100g palm sugar, coarsely grated
100ml coconut cream
50ml fish sauce
1 lime
Pinch flaked sea salt

When ready to cook, place a medium sized pot on a low to medium flame with a splash of cooking oil.
Add 1/3 of the coconut milk and reduce, stirring regularly to avoid burning. You are looking for the white fat to separate from the oil.
Once this happens add your curry paste and sauté in the split coconut fat until the fragrance is spicy and aromatic. Stir regularly to avoid burning, although A little caramelisation is great for the flavour.
Add your palm sugar and allow to melt and deglaze the pan.
Add the remainder of the coconut milk and the coconut cream. Stir thoroughly and turn the heat down to low and slowly bring up to a simmer. Meanwhile heat a frying pan to medium high heat with a splash of cooking oil.
The curry should be SWEET, SOUR, SALTY and HOT!


Contains: onion, garlic, chilli, shellfish.