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Yarra Valley Atlantic Salmon Caviar 50g

Yarra Valley Atlantic Salmon Caviar 50g

Yarra Valley Atlantic Salmon Caviar 50g

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Yarra Valley Caviar’s highly sought after Atlantic Salmon caviar is well renowned across the restaurant trade nationally, for its signature burst of flavour and rich and robust characteristics, used to complement many gourmet dishes.


More Info

Yarra Valley Caviar is an export approved boutique fresh water aquaculture farm located at the base of the Rubicon River in the Yarra Valley region of rural Victoria.
Yarra Valley Caviar is an industry leader – not only is it Australia’s only producer of fresh water Atlantic Salmon, it pioneers a natural approach to rearing and roe extraction, demonstrating a staunch belief in humane practices. In addition to Salmon, Yarra Valley Caviar also produces and harvests Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout roe for their caviar range.

The fish are milked for roe entirely by hand, once per year, under a completely natural anaesthetic of clove oil, and are then gently placed back in their ponds to spawn again the following year.
Yarra Valleys Caviar’s products are packaged on site, without the use of any additives. The result is a superb quality roe salted with premium salt to produce bright, plump and flawless caviar – bursting with flavour. The award winning products are then shipped all over the world.

How to use

Garnish onto scrambles eggs, on your favourite summer salads or onto oysters. Get creative and add to all your favourite dishes.