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Cannoleria DIY Cannoli Kit

Cannoleria DIY Cannoli Kit | Cannoleria by That's Amore

Cannoleria by That's Amore

Cannoleria DIY Cannoli Kit

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Recreate this delicious Sicilian dessert at home with the Cannoli Kit from That’s Amore.

Cannoli Kit Includes:

- 12 mini cannoli shells or 6 large cannoli shells

- 450g Sicilian ricotta filling piping bag

- Crushed pistachio

- Icing sugar

What is a cannoli?

Cannoli are delicious pastries made from fried pastry tubes shaped like a bow tie with fresh ricotta piped inside. In Sicilian, the name means ‘little tube’ reflecting the shape of the dessert.

Sicilian cannoli

This tasty treat originates from the Palermo and Messina area of Sicily and is one of Italy’s best known desserts. Historians believe it came from around the city of Caltanissetta between 827 and 1091. It is thought to have been created by women and perhaps even has Arabic origins since it was traditionally made from sugar cane and almonds.

How to make cannoli?

Looking for a cannoli recipe? Cannoli shells are made from flour, sugar, butter, eggs and marsala. The dough is rolled out into oval shapes and then wrapped around cannoli tins before being fried in hot oil. We love the cannoli kit from That’s Amore, because it takes all the hassle out of making the dough yourself with ready to go cannoli shells. All you need to do is focus on the filling. Traditionally, cannoli should be filled with fresh sheep’s ricotta with a little sugar and lemon and decorated with candied fruit. You can choose your preferred toppings and even add chocolate chips if you have a sweet tooth.

Cannoli shells where to buy?

Enjoy fresh cannoli whenever you feel like it with our ready made cannoli shells at Co-Lab Pantry. When you shop at Co-Lab Pantry, you’re buying from the best local, Australian producers online. Be sure to get your order in before 2pm Tuesday- Saturday and get next day delivery too!


More Info

One of Melbourne's best Cannoleria's, brought to you by That's Amore!

How to use

Fill cannoli shells with ricotta piping bag.
Dip ends of cannoli into crushed pistachio or your own favourite topping.
Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve for dessert or an afternoon snack.


Contains wheat, egg, nuts and dairy.

Cannoleria Cannoli

Get your hands on the freshest cannoli when you pipe it fresh at home. Morish soft ricotta, finished with a nice crunch!