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  • Date And Time
    Sat, December 05, 2020

    11:00 AM - 1:00 PM AEST

  • Cannoleria are back with Cannoli Making 2.0, The Christmas Edition!

    Learn how to make and transform dough into delicate tubes of crunchy golden pastry filled with Cannoleria's signature sweet ricotta, with a Christmas twist!
    Class ticket includes the Cannoleria School Bag. Cannoleria School Bag contains all the ingredients, equipment and information you will need to become a Cannoli Master.

    Ingredients not included in the school bag will be:
    3 x eggs (2 whole eggs for dough, 1 egg white to stick dough together)

    Ingredients guest will need for Cannoli Christmas tree:
    1 small bag of white cooking chocolate will be needing for construction of Christmas tree and any other decoration you wish to decorate your cannoli Christmas tree with.
    1 plate or cake board to place your tree on.

    What you'll need:
    Clean bench
    Rolling pin, pasta machine or wine bottle
    Plastic wrap
    Large pot to fry
    2l canola oil
    Stand mixer with balloon whisk or hand mixer
    2 bowls
    Pair of tongs
    Tea towel
    Cookie cutter of your choice (approx. about 125mm wide)
    Pastry brush
    Paper towel

    Cannoleria School Bag will be delivered to your door prior to. 
    Virtual Class via Zoom + Victoria Wide.