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  • Date And Time
    Fri, November 20, 2020

    12:00 PM - 2:00 PM AEST

  • Intimate Lunch Session

    This is a physical event held at:
    421 Rathdowne St,

    Inside the maroon and ivory interior of Capitano, chef Casey Wall is cooking up some of the finest, cleverest Italian-American eats. Where the ingredients are straight-forward, the titles are playful – look out for ‘Not My Mum’s Meatballs’ and ‘Bastardo Grasso’ – while the cocktails display a similar flair (our favourite is the Peanut Butter and Miso Old Fashioned.)


    Focaccia, garlic butter





    ‘Roni Square Pizza, pickled chilli 

    Classic Cheese Pizza 

    Rigatoni, vodka sauce

    Wild Greens, Anchovy, Parmesan

    Sugar Snap Pea Scapece



    All that fun is packed into this Co-lab x Capitano’s session; a lunchtime sitting where guests can chow down on the tastiest Italian dishes and polish it off with their beverage of choice.

    There’s no greater cuisine at bringing people together than Italian, so call your pals and set the date – el Capitano awaits.