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  • Date And Time
    Sun, August 09, 2020

    4:00 PM - 5:30 PM AEST

  • Learn the art of making fresh pasta by Chef Robert Zumbo. Robert Zumbo is culinary trained and has a culturally rich skill set which has been obtained working in some of the world's renowned restaurants varying from fine dining to 3 Michelin star venues across the globe. His wealth of knowledge has been developed over the years as a cooking professional and is now bringing the art of pasta making, home to you.

    Learn about the history of pasta, how to roll, make shapes, fill and match sauces with your pasta.

    What you'll need:
    - Small pasta maker
    - Kitchen aid (if available)
    - Kitchen bowls
    - Knife
    - Chopping board
    - Working bench
    - Tea towels
    - Cling wrap
    - Spoons
    - Trays 

    Virtual class via Zoom. 
    Workshop available Globally.