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Prana Chai Vegan Blend - 250g

Prana Chai Vegan Blend - 250g | Prana Chai

Prana Chai Vegan Blend - 250g

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To make Prana Chai even more inclusive, Prana Chai has taken their signature masala chai blend up a vegan-friendly notch with their Vegan Blend.This brew-tiful blend combines the same balanced flavours of the Original Masala Blend, just with a slight (sweet) difference: they’ve swapped out honey for pure agave syrup, making it friendly for vegans and diabetics.With that simple exchange, you’ve got a whole new vegan chai mix that has low GI and presents an ethical alternative to honey.


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Brought to you by Prana Chai, loved by Melbournians and made with only the good stuff!

How to use

1. Place two or three heaped teaspoons (20gr) of Prana Chai into a Turkish pot.

2. Fill with one cup of your favourite milk (we recommend Soy milk).

3. Stir until it is hot (but just before simmering).

4. Stir until it is hot (but just before simmering).


Exceptionally well balanced with a slightly more intense sweetness than the other honey-based Prana Chai blends.

Ingredients: Black tea, Agave, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cardamom, Peppercorn, Clove, Ginger Root.