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Totopos Tortilla Chips

Totopos Tortilla Chips
Totopos Tortilla Chips | La Tortilleria
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La Tortilleria

Totopos Tortilla Chips

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La Tortilleria's authentic artisan tortilla chips.

What is a Tortilla?

Tortilla has two meanings depending on whether you’re talking about the Mexican version or the Spanish version. In Mexico, a tortilla is a flatbread originally made from maize flour. However, in Spain a tortilla is actually an omelette! Then comes La Tortilleria and their deliciously addictive tortilla chips. Taking inspiration from the maize flatbreads in Mexico, tortilla chips are a crispy corn chip that are perfect for snacking on.

How to eat tortilla chips?

These are ideal for hiding in the pantry and pulling out if you have unexpected guests. Serve them with some delicious dips like Babajan’s Cacik dip, fava from Elyros Restaurant or a range of tasty options from King & Godfree.

Mexican Food

If you love Mexican food and want to learn more, we recommend picking up a copy of  Tu Casa, Mi CasaIt’s a beautiful book of Mexican home cooking and sure to help you learn more about the cuisine. If you’re looking for more Mexican food at Co-Lab Pantry, why not try the tasty  Chilli Non Carne from Vegie Bar. When you shop with us at Co-Lab Pantry, you can enjoy cross-shopping from the best Australian restaurants, bars, wineries and producers with just one delivery fee. Explore, discover and enjoy our delicious online store today.


More Info

Authentic artisan tortilla chips. Deliciously crunchy and perfect for dipping in guacamole, salsa, ceviche and for making chilaquiles (nachos). These are not your average corn chips! La Tortilleria is a local Australian brand produced by a Mexican man and an Australian woman who had a real passion for Mexican street food and wanted to share it with Australians. After extensive research and travels through Mexico, the pair opened their first restaurant in Melbourne and La Tortilleria was born.

How to use

Try with Guacamole, other dips or on their own.


Wondering what are tortilla chips made of? These tasty morsels are made from stoneground whole grain corn, sea salt & non-GMO canola oil. Bonus, they’re also Gluten Free.