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Wagyu Beef DIY Pack

Wagyu Beef DIY Pack

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Try our build your own Dumpling packs, makes up to 30 dumplings! You won't need anything else besides from water and our Packs! Packs come with all instructions.


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How to use

Wrapping instructions are provided with the product.

To Boil: Place in boiling water for 4-8 mins until dumplings

float, stir to prevent sticking.

To Steam: Cook in steamer with boiled water for 8-10 mins.

To Pan-Fry: Place dumplings in the pan with oil and cold

water, cook until water has fully evaporated.


Filling 370g: Wagyu beef mince, water chestnut, lemon leaf,

ginger, spring onion, pepper, vegetable oil, custard powder,

chestnut powder, sesame oil, chicken powder, corn-starch,

salt, sugar, oyster sauce.

Wrapper: Wheat flour, water, lye water, colouring (102), salt, preservatives (300) (281).