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Yarra Valley Box

Yarra Valley Box | Co-Lab Pantry

Yarra Valley Box

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Celebrate world-class produce with the appetising ‘Yarra Valley’ Box.

Renowned for its cellar doors and local produce, the Yarra Valley is the perfect place for a gourmet sojourn. The fresh artisan produce including hand-made cheeses and freshwater caviar and trout, not to mention exceptional chardonnay, are the crowning jewels of this globally celebrated region.

The ‘Yarra Valley’ Box is inspired by the green pastures, rustic farmhouses and flourishing vineyards the region is famous for. Tucked inside each box are eight tasteful curations from the most distinguished producers for your pantry and refrigerator.

Sampling local flavour without the drive? Yes, please.

Atlantic Salmon Caviar by Yarra Valley Caviar Cabernet Sauvignon by Zonzo Hazelnut Florentines by Crumbs Biscuits Tomato Relish by Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods Fiery, Marinated Fresh Cows Cheese with Chilli by Yarra Valley Dairy English Breakfast Tea by Olinda Teahouse Orange Marmalade by Four Pillars


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Curated regional boxes

Regional Victoria is no stranger to exceptional produce. With its undulating vineyards, fertile soil and most importantly, first-rate growers, the region has fast become one of the biggest players on the global culinary stage. Of course, experiencing these tasty delights from our own backyard is usually reserved for a luxurious weekend getaway or after a deep dive in a boutique grocer. But Co-lab Pantry is changing all that.