Yuzu for Everything

Yuzu for Everything

Yuzu juice 150ml

Yuzu juice 150ml

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100% organically grown yuzu juice straight from Japan.
Yuzu is Japanese citrus.
Yuzu juice can be used for everything.
Cocktail / cake / gelato / dressing / pickles / zesty sauce / dessert
It will add an exotic kick to anything you make in the kitchen.


More Info

Kochi is located on Shikoku island, south of Japan alongside the pacific ocean where most of the yuzu is grown because of the climate and geography. The mountains in Kochi are surrounded by valleys and the temperature differs from night to day.

The climate and temperature fluctuation plays are big role in the development of the yuzu’s aroma.The yuzu fields span out across the slopes of a well-drained mountain therefore they are open to excellent sunlight all day. Yuzu is a winter fruit and harvesting seasons is at the end of October to beginning of December.

Yuzu for everything’s yuzu is grown on a small local family owned farm in Kochi. The farm is 13 hectares and is run by 5 family members, some long standing members are aged over 70. All farmers are professional yuzu growers and dedicated to growing quality produce with lots of care.

How to use

Yuzu juice can be used for EVERYTHING!
- Seafood dishes
- Dressings
- Pickles
- Zesty sauces
- Cocktails
- Cakes, gelato, Sorbet
- Baking

It will add an exotic kick to anything you make in the kitchen!


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